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Matt Maddock

Oakland County state Rep. Matt Maddock, owner of a bail bonds company and one-time occasional fugitive hunter, has established himself as quite the far right conservative with a purist view of how Republicans should adhere to their party platform. After winning this year his second term from the 44th District, encompassing Milford, White Lake, Highland Township, Springfield Township and the southwest corner of Waterford, he no doubt felt emboldened to call for impeachment hearings to remove Gov. Gretchen Whitmer from office after she tightened down on parts of the economy for a three-week period to stem the raging COVID-19 infections. If we are to believe Maddock’s Facebook posting, other members of the legislature are on board with the effort, including Republican state Rep. Ryan Berman from the 39th District that includes West Bloomfield, Commerce Township and Wixom. House and Senate leaders are not rushing to support legislation calling for the hearings. Not familiar with Matt? He and wife Meshawn, both noted Trumpsters, co-founded the Michigan Conservative Coalition that helped organize the anti-lockdown mass demonstration at the state Capitol earlier this year and members of which have infiltrated the Oakland GOP hierarchy. Said a former director of the Michigan GOP (Bridge), “folks like them used to hide from the light like cockroaches now feel enabled to come out and do what they do.” ‘Nuff said.



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