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Speaking of gubernatorial candidates, Kevin Rinke of Bloomfield Township just doesn’t seem to be able to get some distance from claims of racism/sexism that have haunted him since he inherited Rinke Pontiac-GMC in Warren and Rinke Toyota in Centerline. It’s old news that Rinke was sued twice by four former car dealership employees in 1992, one over racist remarks to a Black male, where he allegedly used a racist slur (the n-word), the other by a female who alleged sexist remarks and harassing behavior, asking her if she had on “matching bra and panties,” and that “Women shouldn’t be allowed to work in public. They’re ignorant and stupid.” Both suits were dismissed; the sexual harassment suit with a cash payout. Now comes a reported recent interview with the Detroit Free Press during which the conversation turned to race. Said Rinke: “I think [White privilege] is a divisive term and it’s looking to stir things up. I didn’t pick what color I came out. I was a baby. The kid next to me in the hospital could have been a Black baby, could have been a brown baby, could have been a yellow baby.” When it comes to the use of the term “yellow” to reference people with an Asian background, the Urban Dictionary calls it “derogatory” and Merriam-Webster calls it “sometimes offensive.” Nuff said.



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