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Mama always said be careful who you tell a lie to because you have to keep following its tale to the end of its tail. Some members of the Republican Party are discovering that with the blowback from the fire that is the ‘Big Lie’ – the assertion by some, still, nearly 10 months later, that the November 2020 election was stolen – but only at the presidential level. That has led to the GOP purging itself of some of those who have not kept up with the falsehood. Included are some of those in Michigan, such as Jason Roe, a veteran conservative strategist who the Michigan GOP had brought in to assist them in February and was promptly dumped as we mentioned last month, now add in former Republican state party communications director Ted Goodman, which Politico said jumped ship to join former Detroit Police Chief James Craig’s gubernatorial campaign. Goodman’s replacement, Kaitlyn Buss, quit within a week, telling Politico, “I chose to leave after two days because it was clear to me that the party, generally, was not willing to move past Trump, and I was not willing to go through that again.”


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