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Peter Lucido

Macomb County Prosecutor Peter Lucido, who has been holier-than-thou both as a state senator and since he became prosecutor in January 2021, when throwing stones against Governor Gretchen Whitmer – primarily accusing her, and threatening to criminally charge her, of forcing nursing homes to take patients ill with COVID-19 and endangering their lives, despite Lucido’s former senate colleague, Ed McBroom (R-Vulcan) saying that  they “have not seen any evidence or testimony that says that a nursing home was forced to take someone against their will.” Now comes a story in Metro Times that alleges that Lucido was involved in a shady “backroom deal” to allow a man who beat his 10-week-old son to escape jail time. According to reporter Steve Nealing, Lucido bypassed his own assistant prosecutor and struck a deal directly with the child abuser’s attorney – an arrangement which seems to directly violate the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office policies. Adding to the deal making, the attorney, Art Garton, donated to Lucido’s campaign last November. The Macomb Accountability Project (MACAP) said if Lucido was going to “people who violently abuse their children off the hook to benefit his political friends,” Macomb families should find a new prosecutor. MACAP previously called on Lucido to resign after four women alleged he sexually assaulted or inappropriately touched them, and filed a complaint with the Secretary of State’s Bureau of Elections in May alleging Lucido violated state law by promoting the Republican Party on the prosecutor’s office official Facebook page.



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