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Who’s on first

A close associate of Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has confirmed that Schuette is about to announce he is running for governor in 2018, which has long been rumored. Schuette, a Republican from Midland, has long been in the public eye, first as a state representative, and then as a failed U.S. Senate candidate, when he took on former Senator Carl Levin in 1990. He later became a state senator, and served in a post in Australia for former President George W. Bush and as an appeals court judge. As attorney general, he has allegedly been at odds with Gov. Rick Snyder, as well as both liberals and moderates, but has made a name for himself with conservatives, taking on Michigan’s medical marijuana law, suing to stop gay marriage, and indicting those he believes could be at fault for the Flint Water Crisis. Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley is also expected to jump into the governor’s race on the Republican side. One politico said Calley is a “sharp guy, (but) he’s on Snyder’s coattails, for good and bad.” If no other Republicans run, the money currently is on Schuette getting the party’s nod. “The only one who could beat Bill is Candice Miller (R-Macomb County Public Works Commissioner, former congresswoman),” the politico said. “With her, it’s all pretty good stuff. It’s all about the people and fixing things. If she jumps in, it could pose a problem for Bill. She’s got a high profile, and it’s only getting bigger with this Fraser (sinkhole) situation.” As they say, stay tuned.


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