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Some people just can’t take no for an answer. Chuck Moss, former state representative for the 40th District (R-Birmingham, Bloomfield Township, Bloomfield Hills), former Oakland County Commissioner, and before that, a Birmingham City Commissioner, misses the political limelight. Or so it seems. He was term-limited out of the House in 2012, promptly announced he’d be running for the state Senate in 2014, but unfortunately, the primary didn’t work out so well for him, losing to eventual winner Marty Knollenberg. Then, in 2016, much to the chagrin of Republican Party stalwarts, who urged him to take on Democratic incumbent Jim Nash at the Water Resources Commission, sources say, he decided to take on incumbent commissioner Shelley Taub (R-Birmingham, Bloomfield Township, Bloomfield Hills), telling folks “it was time for her to go.” Funny thing is, Shelley wasn’t ready to leave. She fought him in the primary, and won. Now, just a couple months after the general election, Moss is telling folks he’s going to take Shelley on again, this time in 2018, that “she’s old,” and he’s ready to start knocking on doors in the district.


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