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Some politicos have looked at state Sen. Mike Kowall’s financial report for his congressional run for MI-11, and are saying that he is having a tough time raising money. “To be competitive against (Lena) Epstein, he’ll need much more money. She’s the 800-pound gorilla in the race – she’s the person to beat in this and will have all the resources,” Lansing political consultant Joe DiSano said. The big unknown about Epstein is what kind of an organization she’ll have, and what kind of ground game. An insider said that Kowall, who has run many a campaign, has already assembled an experienced finance team, campaign manager, an experienced overall manager who has been running a PAC over multiple states for Paul Ryan, has a ground plan, and the dollars he raised in the first quarter after getting in the race in early February were all before his first fundraiser. Observers also note that Kowall’s current Senate district covers nearly half of the llth District, so he is much better known than other hopefuls. The one insiders say should be worried is Rocky Raczkowski – “who is kinda like the proto-Trump. He will not be able to compete because Epstein will just grind him up.” Others agree, with one saying Raczkowski would never drop out “because his ego won’t let him.”


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