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It may be considered the Year of the Woman, but that doesn’t mean it’s a gimme for women, either. Just ask Elissa Slotkin, Democratic candidate for Michigan’s 8th Congressional District, who is working very hard to unseat Republican Congressman Mike Bishop of Rochester. While not exactly counting her chickens before they’re hatched, Slotkin announced, preemptively, that if elected, and the Democrats take the House of Representatives, she would not vote for Rep. Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. Pelosi has said she would run again for speaker. Slotkin said it’s nothing personal nor would it be a sign of disrespect – “but I think on both sides of the aisle people are saying that they want new leaders, and we need to hear that,” she told The Detroit News. “They want a new generation.” Slotkin also got a bit of potential good news recently that she is one of 10 Democratic candidates the House Victory Project, formed last month through a filing with the Federal Election Commission, has selected to support. The House Victory Project takes the concept from Wall Street of bundling donors (goal of $10 million) to have greater impact and is expected to donate in the range of $400,000 each to select Democratic candidates on the November ballot.


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