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Congressional candidate for Michigan’s 11th District seat Klint Kesto in May touted his work ethic while suggesting his Republican opponent, oil heiress Lena Epstein, is too busy goldbricking to be a success in Washington. “Lena is embarrassing herself with that television ad (touting that she will work hard in Washington),” Kesto said in a campaign release in which he references Epstein’s attendance as a volunteer on the Michigan Children’s Trust Fund board, to which she was appointed by Michigan head nerd, Gov. Rick Snyder. “Epstein had a chance to work on the most important cause you can think of, protecting children from abuse, but she wouldn’t do the job 87 percent of the time,” Kesto said about Epstein’s attendance at quarterly board meetings while bragging about his own attendance in the legislature. While Epstein may have been preoccupied with marriage and childbirth recently, Michigan Children’s Trust board chairman and former Republican legislator Randy Richardville said it’s common for some members to call into meetings rather than attend in person. Richardville placed Epstein’s overall attendance closer to the 35-percent mark – better than the 13 percent Kesto claimed, but not quite high enough to pass even a community college course. Richardville stressed that the positions are strictly volunteer. “She volunteered, and all she has done is appreciated,” Richardville said.


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