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Retiring Congressman Dave Trott (R-Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Rochester Hills) has found a degree of freedom when not having to worry about a re-election campaign. The 11th District rep in May separated himself from the President by joining a handful of others in signing a petition to force a vote on a bill that seeks to force a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants brought into the country as children. On Wednesday, June 20, Trott broke days of radio silence on the administration’s policy on separating families entering the country illegally. “The President signed the executive order a minute ago,” Trott told Downtown. “That’s encouraging, and I think it should have been done sooner. I’m pleased the administration revisited that. We have a couple of votes tomorrow on immigration bills. Hopefully, one of them passes and we can send it to the Senate.” Trott also acknowledged the position his retirement places him in terms of supporting Trump on positions where he may disagree. “He came and spoke at the conference last night, and was wondering if Mark Sanford was there,” Trott said “He said he was going to congratulate him on running a good race. That drew some groans.” As to his own successor, Trott said he would wait until after the primary to offer public support. “The only one I really couldn’t support would be (Kerry) Bentevolio.


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