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Election season is still upon us, but that hasn’t stopped current House Republican leaders from speculating on their potential spots in the 2019 session, which is all hypothetical, because first they have to win and keep the House from flipping to the Dems. Speaker Pro Tem Lee Chatfield (R-Levering) allegedly had sewn the speaker position spot up by last Thanksgiving, and he’s continuing to fundraise like a crazy person, so he’s not facing any challenges if Republicans maintain their majority. Homeboy Michael Webber (R-Rochester, Rochester Hills) of the 45th District is one of two state reps that are up for Floor Leader, which is the second highest leadership position of the majority party, and word is he wants it. He’ll have to tango with Tristan Cole (R-Mancelona) to get to the big dance, with Chatfield and the Republican caucus hitting them up for more and more money. “If you don’t have a challenging election, it’s one thing. But if you give all your money away, who’s going to help you?” asked one former state representative. “I’ve never seen anything like that happen before.”


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