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Stalwart Republican heads are shaking throughout state 40th District – Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township and the western part of West Bloomfield – as it appears one of their own may have given some bucks to Democratic candidates in the past. Dirt dug up on Joe Zane, one of six bashing it out to run to replace fellow GOP and term-limited Rep. Mike McCready, shows that he gave over $1,000 to Democratic causes since 2007-2008 – including in 2017, when he gave $125 to four different Democrats running in races around the country. Zane, a former Marine, said he believes in supporting veterans – regardless of party, although at this time, “I am a conservative and will legislate that way. However, having veterans on both sides of the aisle helps the legislature come together to perform the basic functions of governance, which is critical to the future of our democracy.” As for his most recent contributions across the aisle, he said, “My perspective was that it was more important to have a veteran win a Democratic primary than a non-veteran.”


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