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Since the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision Citizens United v FEC which permitted freewheeling campaign spending, the gloves have been off and wallets freed in election funding. Political action committees (PACs) now collect huge sums from donors and, wielding enormous clout of the wealthy, swing from the rafters on both sides of the fence. Recent reports are coming in that Priorities USA, a Democratic Super PAC, has plans to flood – as in Noah proportions – swing states before the 2020 elections, with as much as $100 million to boot President Trump from office. But don't rush to turn off your TV. They're not planning to spend on traditional advertising, but the PAC's focus is on social media – by convincing voters that Trump's economy isn't working for them. “This should be covered by local news, but local news is dying,” according to Priorities USA Communication Director Josh Schwerin. The PAC plans to spend as much as $1 million a month, with the top targets in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Florida. They also intend to boost content from independent sources. Schwerin also said they plan to put boots on the ground, with two-man teams in the battleground states, notably in cities like Detroit, Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids “which no longer have daily newspapers.” Hear that Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News?


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