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Entrances to the Bloomfield Township Hall over the weekend of October 5-6 were closed, as township officials caught wind of a plan by several residents to make a stink over the recent cancelation of an annual hazardous waste recycling event by dumping their toxic garbage on the steps of township hall. "The callers made several references that they themselves or a 'lot' of other people were planning on dumping waste on the steps of Township Hall or other facilities," Bloomfield Township Superintendent of Public Works Noah Mehalski said in a memo to other township officials and department heads two days prior to the event. "In addition, people are posting on several social media outlets that everyone should dump the waste in the elected officials parking spots." The township said it would block off entrances to the township campus and place signs with alternatives to stop any littering. The township recently announced it would cancel its annual Household Hazardous Waste recycling event due to budget cuts after voters in August rejected a proposed Special Assessment District (SAD) to fund police and fire retiree benefits. While the recycling event and other cuts were discussed as potential cuts prior to the vote, some opponents of the SAD claimed the cuts were simply a scare tactic and not likely to be implemented. Several who said they voted against the SAD – including township trustees David Buckley and Dani Walsh – have since claimed at public meetings that the cuts appear to be punishment for opposing the tax, despite well-documented discussions – for months –about the proposed cuts, which both those trustees supported. Well, hello – reality bites.


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