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When former Rep. David Trott (R-Birmingham) first ran for Congress for Michigan’s 11th District (Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Troy, western Oakland and Wayne counties), he leaned pretty far right. He was an early supporter of candidate Donald Trump for president, and for many years had donated untold thousands of dollars to the party and a few GOP hopefuls. Four years later, as he exited Congress in 2018, he was disillusioned with both the president and politics. Now, back as a “regular citizen,” he has admitted to both in a letter to The Atlantic and The New York Times what he was telling friends in 2017 – that he had grown to realize that “Trump is psychologically, morally, intellectually, and emotionally unfit for office…We can only hope Congress impeaches and removes him so we have a choice between two adults in 2020.” Trott said he realized, like several other Republican congressmen, that they couldn’t speak out publicly, because it would “invite Trump’s wrath and ostracize him within the Republican Party.” Instead, Trott walked away – granted, back towards a multimillion dollar lifestyle. Trott, in the letter to The Atlantic, said he is considering voting for a Democrat in 2020 – once a heretical thought. His choice? Likely former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.


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