Shout out for this one to the New York Times, where a newsroom of over 1,000 journalists allows time to do the extraordinary, including tracking by zip code the number of people making presidential campaign donations from this April through the end of June. In the Birmingham/Bloomfield area, Joe Biden was leading in terms of the number of people donating to his run to be prez. In Bloomfield Township zip code 48301, 164 people have donated to Biden, and 86 to Donald Trump, while in zip code 48302, 197 people ante upped for Biden and 133 for Trump. The zip code of 48304, which includes Bloomfield Hills and part of Bloomfield Township, had 191 residents donating to Biden and 160 to Trump. State-wide, 42,000 have coughed up money for Biden and 39,000 have done likewise for Trump.


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