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Brandon Hall

We don’t know what Michigan GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox has to say on this, but we imagine she may not approve. Republican activist Brandon Hall, who was found guilty of election fraud in 2016, announced on October 1 he was running for the state Republican Party chair “to declare war on the failed, corrupt Lansing establishment,” he stated on Twitter. “My efforts behind the scenes as the chair of the campaign to impeach (Gov.) Gretchen Whitmer (D) have shown me how truly bad things really are throughout our party.” Among Hall’s many claims to fame are organizing a protest at Whitmer’s house, pushing for her impeachment and forging signatures in 2012 to get a judicial candidate on the ballot in Ottawa County, for which he was convicted of 10 counts of election fraud. In 2016, he was a volunteer for Trump’s Michigan campaign, and he ran for office unsuccessfully that year, for a state House seat to represent Holly, which he had also failed to win in 2010. Have to see who else the state Republicans have in mind for chair.


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