Here’s a snapshot, one week out from the November 3 balloting, on how local donations flowed to the Trump-Biden contest, broken down by zip codes, thanks to the New York Times. A total of $248,000 from 540 donors went into the Biden campaign coffers from the Bloomfield Township zip code of 48301, while 243 donors kicked in $126,000 to the Trump effort. In Bloomfield Township zip code 48302, $196,000 from 596 donors went to the Biden campaign, while 319 donors shelled out $676,000 for Trump. In the 48304 zip code, which includes Bloomfield Township and Bloomfield Hills, 539 donors kicked in $320,000 for Biden and 360 donors threw roughly $487,000 in the hat for Trump. From Birmingham zip code 48009, 960 donors ante upped $597,000 for Biden and 339 donors gave $280,000 to the Trump reelection effort. Nationally, the average donation size was around $70-$75 dollars in both campaigns, so obviously some generous donors from local zip codes got involved prior to the general election vote.


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