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Not everyone was necessarily thrilled when R. Vance Patrick took charge of the Oakland GOP with the exit of Rocky Raczkowski from the county party organization. More traditional Republicans basically were concerned that the party would slide even further into the MAGA quicksand. And now their concerns are proving well founded. So on May 31 when the party chieftain sent out a missive with the opening of “Fellow patriot,” you knew what was coming next. Vance Patrick bemoaned the convictions of The DonFather in a New York court and assured the new party faithful that “we are working hand in hand with the Trump campaign every day to ensure our candidates can win up and down the ballot, regardless of this blatant interference and lawfare.” then there was the pitch for money, in the style of Trump himself. Said one of the remaining party regulars: “Our numbers are few….Those of us that are not completely disenchanted with the state of things try to recruit normal thinking precinct delegates, but the party is now very much the party of Trump….We are strangers in a strange land.”



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