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Word in some Republican circles is that failed (as in, not enough valid signatures) gubernatorial candidate and former Detroit Police Chief James Craig is considering running for the open Senate seat on the Republican side. Craig has no previous political experience, and has said he is giving serious thought to it after being encouraged by supporters and party members around the state. “Consultants call you and talk you into it. They need a name and put you on Fox TV,” said one top Republican honcho, who admitted he hasn’t spoken to Craig despite being one who encouraged him in 2022 to run for governor. “Craig has nothing to offer. He arrested some people a while ago.” As to who really will run, this observer believes former Grand Rapids congressman Peter Meijer will, “And he could give (Elissa) Slotkin a run for her money. He’s the real deal, and he voted to impeach Trump.” However, he said, in a primary, Meijer would need to be one of three candidates, because he would be trounced by a MAGA Trumpster. The politico said he has heard that Bloomfield Township former auto dealer and former gubernatorial candidate Kevin Rinke is definitely looking at running, but doesn’t think he has a shot at the trophy. “He’s an egomaniac. He blew a million last time – and if you’re putting up all your own money, it means no one else will. He’s not getting the DeVos’ money. (Late Senator) Carl Levin worked his way up; Slotkin worked her way up from the CIA in Iraq; (Senator Gary) Peters worked his way up. What has Rinke done?”



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