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The ‘Big Lie’ narrative keeps growing, nationwide and in Michigan, despite recent polling showing more and more members of the GOP are finding the unfounded claims that the Donald Trump election was somehow stolen are just that – unfounded. At the same time, the Republican-controlled state Senate recently released the results of its investigation which cast more than a bit of shade on those continuing to claim there was massive election fraud in Michigan. But that didn’t stop Cheboygan County commissioners Up North from voting (4-3) in late June to request from the state an audit of the 2020 ballots and a review of whether some “unauthorized computer” manipulated the final vote returns in the county. Nor did the facts prevent the introduction of a House bill calling for a forensic audit of state returns, sponsored by Representative Steve Carra (R-Three Rivers), first elected in 2020 but already running for Congress in 2022. Neither did reality dissuade Michigan GOP co-chair and Milford resident Meshawn Maddock from reportedly attending a rally in June for those calling for forensic audits here. Then there’s Kristina Karamo, announced Republican candidate for secretary of state, an Oak Park resident, professor at Wayne County Community College, “Christian Patriot,” Detroit poll challenger and darling of right-wing media, the only Michigan person to make the journey to see firsthand how the audit was handled at the conspiracy theory-mecca of Memorial Coliseum in Arizona. You know, the place where they are also inspecting ballots for any evidence that they contained bamboo which would allow a satellite in space to change the actual ballot vote (alt-right theory, not ours). While both The Washington Post and The Hill said Michigan lawmakers were among those from about a dozen states who made visits there, Oakland Confidential checked around in Lansing and our verdict – not so. As a footnote to Karamo’s run for SOS, state GOP leaders must not be impressed and are urging state Rep. Ann Bollin (R-Brighton), the chairwoman of the House Elections Committee, to run for the position.  



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