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Gary Peters

When Michigan Democrat U.S. Senator Gary Peters was named in January of 2021 by Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer as chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee the assignment was to help get at least two more Senate seats filled with Democrats, giving that party firm control of that chamber. The campaign committee’s role is to work with local grassroots groups to meet this goal, which also entails bringing in cash for the 2022 election. So Peters, who turns 62 this December, seems to be showing up everywhere, speaking to a local Birmingham group in early October after rubbing shoulders with former President Barack Obama at a September 8 fundraiser in New York, and appearing more frequently on national TV. Peters was back in NYC in early October, along with President Joe Biden and Schumer at the home of Kathryn and James Murdoch – the son of billionaire media titan Rupert Murdoch (think Fox News and the New York Post, et al). The Murdoch couple have broken free of the hard-right politics of the family and are now rated by the Center for Responsive Politics as near the top of the list of the 100 most  prolific contributors to political parties, be it Republican or Democrat.



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