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We’re one month out from the August 2024 primary election, so what better time to start playing the new game: Who’s running for governor in 2026? Democratic eyes have been focused for some time on Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan – who hasn’t announced he’s running, but he hasn’t dissuaded anyone from further speculation as he did four and eight years ago. He also hasn’t announced that he was running for re-election as mayor. Those at the annual Mackinac Policy Conference in late May noted Duggan’s keynote speech had a “statewide” focus, a first for the mayor. Then there is Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who while generally acting coy regarding her plans, confirmed she would be running at a Joint Action Pac for Political Affairs (JAC PAC) event in late November when co-host Lisa Mark Lis announced the secret. The timing with Benson’s new book, “The Purposeful Warrior: Standing Up for Yourself and Your Country,” which will be released in early 2025 by Maria Shriver’s imprint The Open Field at Penguin Random House, couldn’t be better. The publisher said Benson provides a “roadmap in these divisive, uncertain times to channel our fears and frustrations into standing for oneself and one’s community, drawing on the examples of paradigm-breakers throughout history and the author’s effort to ensure the integrity of the 2020 presidential election.” While Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrest’s name continues to be bandied about as a possible gubernatorial successor, it seems few people are actually talking about him.



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