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Former Oakland County Commissioner Dave Potts (R-Birmingham) can't seem to catch a break. Potts announced last fall he would be running this November against Democrat state Rep. Mari Manoogian (D-Birmingham, Bloomfield Township, Bloomfield Hills, western part of West Bloomfield) to be the state representative for the 40th District, a seat Manoogian flipped blue in 2018. That is, if Potts can get out of the starting gate and he doesn't have a primary challenger in August. It's looking like Potts quest is mirroring Don Quixote's – chasing windmills, dreaming the impossible dream. In the last quarter, ending January 31, while Manoogian raised over $40,000, Potts raised only $1,450, for a cumulative total of $6,300 this election cycle, versus Manoogian's $90,000. Worse, Potts spent $5,788 this quarter, leaving him with only $512 cash on hand. Word is Oakland County Republicans are looking to have him get out of the race, and have turned to Malissa Bossardet of Bloomfield Township, who ran in the Republican primary in 2018 for the position, asking her if she would consider running against Manoogian. Sources say Bossardet is concerned the party won't provide enough support to help her take on the incumbent, even though the party wants a woman to go mano a mano against Manoogian. Bossardet does want to get in the action, and some say is considering runs for township trustee or clerk, with longtime township clerk Jan Roncelli retiring after 16 years in the position. Former Bloomfield Hills Schools trustee Martin Brook, an attorney, announced on Sunday, February 9, that he is running to fill Roncelli's shoes as clerk. In 2018, Brook ran in the Democratic congressional primary for the 9th District, losing to Rep. Andy Levin.


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