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The case of Oakland County v Don Valente, a Republican candidate for Bloomfield Township trustee, is still pending after being postponed at 48th District Court a couple of times. Valente, who ran for trustee because he really, really, really doesn’t like current township supervisor Leo Savoie – which he makes abundantly clear at just about every single meeting, where he rants about what he considers Savoie’s poor leadership, in emails and campaign mailings – even though Savoie lost in the primary, finally faced Judge Kimberly Small on October 26 for a pre-trial hearing for stealing campaign signs. A lot of campaign signs. Fifty or 60 signs, from Savoie, township treasurer Brian Kepes, trustee Neal Barnett, Republican clerk candidate Tom Smyly, and a couple of others back in July. Out on $10,000 bail, Valente’s attorney asked Small for a jury trial, which she said isn’t happening until at least January due to COVID-19. Assistant Oakland County prosecutor Brandon Barlog said he was ready to go with a bench trial, but Small adjourned the hearing for the time being – after chastising Valente, 79, for not yet getting fingerprinted, and admonishing that no contact with his victims included all email correspondence, emails about them, as well as driving by their homes. Barnett said he and others have communicated concerns to Barlog about “Valente’s mental stability, his verbal rantings and if he could become dangerous.”


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