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With the 2016 election in the history books, political junkies’ eyes have turned to 2018 races, looking for their next fix. With speculation all over the place for the gubernatorial race on both sides of the political divide, the Michigan Secretary of State and Attorney General races are getting scant attention. That can let a savvy politician network right into a prime spot, if they were that clever. Senate Majority Whip Mike Kowall (R-White Lake, Commerce Township, West Bloomfield, Novi) might just be that smart guy. Word is he is networking for the secretary of state Republican spot, although not yet raising the dough he’ll need to run a statewide campaign. Kowall, who is former White Lake supervisor and former state representative, has a strong base in Oakland County, as well as the governor’s ear, which could be beneficial, because the party’s candidate is appointed by precinct delegates to run against the Democratic challenger. A huge advocate for the auto industry, notably for investments for autonomous vehicles, Kowall said there is a large contingent in the Upper Peninsula “who appreciates the things I’ve been doing.” But, can he overcome Shelby Township Clerk Stan Grot, who Republican insiders say may have the right wing faction on his side. As for Democrats, former Wayne State University law school dean Jocelyn Benson, who lost to current secretary of state Ruth Johnson in 2010, is floating trial balloons about another possible run.



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