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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee – or the “D-Triple C,” in political parlance – has circulated a letter alleging that Republican House incumbents across the country are in danger of losing their seats in 2018, and have targeted dozens of seats around the country for “Round One” of their battlefield to regain the House of Representatives. In Michigan, three districts have caught their eye – including District 8, currently held by Mike Bishop (Rochester, Rochester Hills) and District 11, represented by David Trott (Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills). Vicki Barnett, Oakland County Democratic Chair, said she wasn’t aware of the DCCC initiative, but “I’m very glad they’re doing that. We’re very concerned about Rep. Bishop and Rep. Trott’s districts because they represent Oakland County residents. Our goal is on the local level, to represent state and county races and local elections. But I do have a lot of angry (Oakland County) constituents.” Stay tuned folks. The 2018 election is just around the bend.


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