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The Democratic field for governor in 2018 may be getting bigger. Andy Levin of Bloomfield Township confirmed he is definitely looking at jumping into the race in which fellow Democrat Gretchen Whitmer is currently leading. “It’s true I’ve been on a serious exploration of looking at the governor’s race, and I will make a decision very soon,” he said. As for his father, Rep. Sander Levin’s long held 9th District congressional seat, rumors are circulating that the 86-year-old may step down, but Andy said, “My dad is in his seat. Every day my dad continues to serve is a great day. He is my role model. But that is something I would consider. I live in the 9th. The 9th symbolizes the flip from Obama, and the diversity of the country, in Macomb County.” Levin has a solid background in both the public and private sector, having worked as a deputy in the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth and created Michigan’s “No Worker Left Behind” initiative to train unemployed individuals for new jobs during the Great Recession. He has built Lean & Green Machine, an energy finance marketplace to help property owners finance energy efficiently. “I’m an entrepreneur with a start up, but when November 2016 came, I had to turn back to public service. Whatever I do, I will focus on that.”


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