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Matt (Mad Dog) Maddock

Hillsdale and Macomb are not alone when it comes to divisions in the Republican party. Take for instance the mid-August meeting of the 11th District Republicans to name delegates and alternates for the upcoming state convention at the end of August. When they gathered, observers said, a new, far-right contingent basically took over the meeting, withholding delegate/alternate status to many of what some called the “establishment Republicans,” which included some current and past public officials. We’re told  that even Oakland GOP bigwig Rocky Raczkowski had to struggle to be recognized as an alternate. One observer laid the blame at the feet of Milford-based state Rep. Matt (Mad Dog) Maddock (husband of state party co-chair Meshawn Maddock), who this consultant said had solicited people to be present at the meeting in his ongoing effort to seem like an influential big shot in the party. But another Republican at the meeting dismissed Maddock as not having much influence at all. So the question is, what drew the radical right meeting attendees? 


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