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Speaking of Michigan Supreme Court Justice Brian Zahra, in the final days of  the general election he – or better yet, his ex-wife – made headlines when his recent vote on the bench not to place on the ballot the Reproductive Freedom For All proposal, which passed handily on November 8, came crashing into his history of having supported an abortion for his ex when she was still his girlfriend during college.  As his ex-wife told NBC News, the two were dating in their 20’s and she became pregnant. Zahra paid for her to have an abortion. The ex slammed as contradictory his recent vote not to place the abortion amendment on the ballot when the Michigan Board of State Canvassers became deadlocked on the issue due to controversy about spacing of words on the ballot petition. Zahra confirmed the news of the past abortion but downplayed his personal history having anything to do with his current decision. The justice was joined in his dissent by GOP-nominated justice David Viviano. Zahra, by the way, was endorsed in this election for a new eight-year term by Right To Life of Michigan.


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